RSR249 – Derek Bargaehr – Vanguard Audio Labs Microphones - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR249 – Derek Bargaehr – Vanguard Audio Labs Microphones

Derek talked about designing great sounding affordable microphones at Vanguard Audio Labs, lessons learned from legendary mic designer Ken Avant, the importance of high quality capsule design and much more!

My guest today is Derek Bargaehr Chief Everything Officer of Vanguard Audio Labs. Co-Founded with Ken Avant, Vanguard's goal is to make fantastic-sounding, original microphones & audio gear that's within the financial reach of the everyman musician. Their V13 tube microphone has been used on a number of hit records by Grammy-winning engineers and artists.

Derek began burning himself with a soldering iron and messing up his guitar pedals in high school, eventually working as Director of Operations for Avant Electronics (creators of the Avantone MixCubes) for several years. A freelancing engineer, producer, gear tech, and bassist, Derek received a BA in Commercial Music – Audio Engineering & Music Business from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA.

Vanguard Mics have gotten some great praise from engineers like Steve Genowick, Ray Kennedy, and Bob Bullock to name just a few and are seriously affordable super cool looking mics that will make you wish you had one for a hood ornament too!

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