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RSR252 – Collin Dupuis – Stuff You Need To Know To Make Great Records

Collin talked about how to record great drum and bass, why you need a console, why your speakers are probably lying to you, how you can destroy your ribbon mics even with the phantom power off and tons more!

My guest today is Collin Dupuis a Nashville and Detroit based multi Grammy-nominated and two time Grammy-winning mixer, producer, and engineer. Collin has developed a sought after sound over the last fifteen years working with critically acclaimed artists and projects including Angel Olsen, Lana Del Rey,St. Vincent, Dr. John, The Black Keys, and many others.

Beginning his career playing in bands, running a DIY recording studio in Michigan, and doing tech work around the Detroit area, he quickly found himself working at FBT (The Bass Brothers) studio as an assistant engineer. From there, he cut his teeth working with artists and producers of the likes of Mr. Porter, Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, and many more. 

He soon got a call to set up a studio at Jack White's house and help out on the White Stripes’ “Get Behind Me Satan.” Shortly after that, Collin was hired over at Carl Craig’s Planet-E records. He engineered for the next five years alongside Carl on remixes, production, live sound in Europe, mastering, and mixing. 

Collin next got the call from Dan Auerbach to help him get his Akron studio up and running. This led to a move to Nashville and many critically acclaimed albums working as the lead engineer at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound. During his time at Easy Eye Sound he earned a Grammy win for engineering and mixing Dr. John’s “Locked Down”. Along with a Grammy win for engineering Cage The Elephants “Tell Me I Pretty”. Currently, Collin is busy working as a freelance mixer and engineer, producing, recording, and mixing albums for artists including Angel Olsen, Jeff The Brotherhood, Nikki Lane, Rayland Baxter, and many others.

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