RSR259 – Eric Masse – 3-Time Grammy Losing Producer/Engineer of Miranda Lambert, Rayland Baxter, and bringing Low-Level concepts to High-Level brains - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR259 – Eric Masse – 3-Time Grammy Losing Producer/Engineer of Miranda Lambert, Rayland Baxter, and bringing Low-Level concepts to High-Level brains

Eric talked about recording Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, and Rayland Baxter, how API helped his home studio sound pro, how to record fantastic drums, why time spent on a record does not equal quality, and the most common mistakes with songwriting.

My guest today is Eric Masse a Producer and engineer living in Nashville since 2006. 

Self-described as a three times Grammy losing producer originally from Grand Rapids MI, later living in Boston. Eric is a fan of great songs and focuses on producing (or co-producing), cutting, and mixing the records he makes.  He loves European Football and is a Chelsea FC supporter.  He loves giving people the thumbs up. He has a beard and almost exclusively wears plain black t-shirts.

After graduating Berklee School of Music in Boston he moved to Nashville to intern at Blackbird Studio by day and tend bar at night. Masse’s first studio was called "Cabin In the Woods" (Fairview, TN), followed by Idiot Dog (Music Row), and finally, The Casino (East Nashville), where he works today. When a record calls for a larger studio, he prefers Southern Ground.

In 2014, while playing in a golf tournament, Masse met eminent Nashville producer, Frank Liddell. That connection led to a collaboration that has born several projects, most notably Miranda Lambert’s 2016 release, The Weight of These Wings produced by Masse, Liddell, and Glenn Worf which won the Academy of Country Music's Album of the Year award.

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