RSR273 – Patrick Rene aka Killah Trakz – Writing & Producing Old School Hip Hop in Miami - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR273 – Patrick Rene aka Killah Trakz – Writing & Producing Old School Hip Hop in Miami

What does it take to make great hip hop? Killah Trakz talked about MPC vs Maschine, the benefits of Presonus Studio One, how to upgrade your studio to PC, why your midi controller is giving you trouble, finding the J Dilla groove and much more!

My guest today is Patrick Rene aka Killah Trakz a Miami native rapper and hip hop music producer who has worked with artists like Iconz, Rick Ross, 2 Live Crew, and Uncle Luke to name a few. 

An analog junkie at heart adapting in the world of digital, Trakz has been at the forefront of the digital revolution of music distribution by having one of the most downloaded albums in the MySpace / Napster era titled “ Hoodz Prodigy “. 

Getting his start in '07 at a time when the "Internet" was at its peak of popularity for all advocates of music, sites like AcidPlanet, UGHH,, and hundreds more were gaining more notoriety by the day. Within the first week, Trakz saw his debut album surpass 50,000 downloads with ease. Overnight Success was an "understatement" for what would follow.

After landing several placements with his production on numerous indie films, Trakz got calls from everyone wanting his sound. By 2008, his sound was hitting the radio waves but getting heard by millions by "ghost producing" for the likes of many of today's favourites.

I met Trakz through our Facebook group at Recording Studio Rockstars. He kept posting so many great hip hop songs that I knew I had to learn more. So I am excited to have him join us today on the podcast to hear more about his story and see what we can learn about writing, producing, and mixing hip hop in the digital age.

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