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RSR276 – Kevin McMahon – How to Get The “Band in a Room” Sound

What does it sound like when you fill a room with sound? Kevin McMahon talked about capturing the sound of a live band in the studio, what he learned from a decade of live sound at Brownies in NY and much more!

My guest today is Kevin McMahon of Marcata Recording first started by The Walkmen in 2000 as a purely analog facility located in Harlem inside what had been a Nascar production facility.  

Kevin joined in 2003 and took over daily operations, bringing his collection of vintage microphones, preamps, and a long history of studying great live performance from the decade of work as a live sound engineer/designer at the now-defunct but not forgotten venue Brownies in New York City’s East Village.  

Doing live sound is where Kevin developed his love of living interactions between musicians, and the ability to recognize the spirit of an artists’ vision and to act with a sense of urgency toward nurturing an environment to allow that vision to be realized at any cost. 

Some of Kevin’s credits include: Real Estate, Pile, Parlor Walls, Mr Gnome, The Walkmen, The French Kicks, Diarrhea Planet, and Herzog to name just a few. 

Thanks so much to Caleb for making our introduction.

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