RSR284 – Tony Black – Grammy Winning Engineer for Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Wu Tang Clan, Luther Vandross, and More… - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR284 – Tony Black – Grammy Winning Engineer for Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Wu Tang Clan, Luther Vandross, and More…

"Why I quit Alicia Keys!" Tony Black shared stories about working with Alicia Keys, assisting at the Hit Factory, recording and mixing hip hop in the 90s with Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, and Timbaland. Plus vocal recording techniques.

My guest today is Tony Black a Grammy-winning music producer, mixer/engineer & songwriter/musician. He has contributed to recordings totalling more than 50 million units sold or downloaded. He won a GRAMMY AWARD for his contribution to the album “THE DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS” for BEST R&B ALBUM. He also mixed and recorded  “RIDE OR DIE” on the Grammy-winning album  JAY-Z “HARD KNOCK LIFE VOL.2”. 

Tony spent many years in NYC at legendary studios such as The Power Station, The Hit Factory, Quad, and Electric Lady. He became part of the 90’s hip-hop scene that would go on to make music history. Working with artists such as Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Q tip, Lil Kim, P. Diddy(Puffy), Cam’ron, Wu Tang Clan, Michael Jackson and too many others to list, he clocked in more than 4000 sessions in the 90’s alone. 

These sessions led to a 6-year working relationship with Alicia Keys. He recorded and mixed all of The Diary of Alicia Keys. He continues mixing, recording, and producing new music today for label artists, indie artists, and for his own project Slow Down The Quick based in NYC and working anywhere in the world with his mobile project studio.

Thanks to Josh Harris for making our introduction! (Carl Nappa).

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