RSR297 - Donald Mitchell and Peter Katis - The Making of Darlingside’s Fish Pond Fish at Tarquin Studios - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR297 – Donald Mitchell and Peter Katis – The Making of Darlingside’s Fish Pond Fish at Tarquin Studios

How do you make a record during a pandemic? Don and Peter talked about collaborating remotely to record lush rich vocals and percussion loops for Darlingside, the benefits of respecting the demo, and great lo-fi plugins to add mystery to your music.

My guests today are Donald Mitchell and Peter Katis. Donald plays vocals, guitar, banjo with the band Darlingside who have just finished their newest record Fish Pond Fish and Peter is a producer and engineer at Tarquin Studios, a 7,000 square foot Victorian home in Bridgeport, Connecticut that has been transformed into a residence and recording studio for musicians.

Fish Pond Fish is an album that brings together acoustic folk instruments with the cool band sounds of indie rock under a lush bed of vocal harmonies described as a story of geology, meteorology, ornithology, astronomy and botany. An album that catalogues the weird nooks of our world with the same curiosity of a botanist’s time-worn field journal.

Peter’s many credits include: Death Cab For Cutie, Frightened Rabbit, Gang of Youths, Interpol, The National, The Head And The Heart, and Kurt Vile. And In 2017, Katis and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads launched a concert series for emerging artists at The Fairfield Theater Company

Thanks to Martina at Music Marcom for making our introduction.

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