RSR311 – Jay Tooke – Nashville Country Rock Drums - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR311 – Jay Tooke – Nashville Country Rock Drums

To click or not to click? That is the question... Jay talked about playing drums and producing artists at Pentavarit Studios, how to create a Nashville numbers chart, why he uses two different monitors for mixing, and how to record vocals and guitar.

My guest today is Jay Tooke an Award-winning, Canadian born producer, songwriter, and musician who moved to Nashville back in 2012.

Having gotten his start as a working musician at the age of 17 some of his earliest memories are of plunking out melodies by ear on the family’s piano, but it was the intro to Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” that lit a fire in his soul for the drums. Not long after he started a love affair with the guitar and from then on, his sights were set on a career in music. 

During his 26 year career, he has toured all over the world with a range of artists from Canada and the US, and has produced records that have garnered critical and commercial success in Australia, New Zealand, Germany as well as Canada and the US. 

His philosophy behind making records has always been about helping the artist find their own voice in the studio. It’s never about forcing ideas or making the record he wants to make. It’s a collaboration between producer and artist to find the truest form of the song. Allowing the material to become the best version of itself through exploration and experimentation.

Thanks so much to Bobby Holland for the introduction.

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