RSR313 – Clint Murphy – Mixing Rock Drums, Guitars, and Vocals - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR313 – Clint Murphy – Mixing Rock Drums, Guitars, and Vocals

Make "pink" great again! Clint talked about using pink noise to lock guitar mic phase, how to edit and mix killer drums, why you should start your mixes with the vocal, and how to adjust eq without reaching for the solo button, plus lots more!

My guest today is Clint Murphy a multi-platinum, award-winning producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, and musician. He has worked on records as diverse as Manic Street Preachers, Enter Shikari, RØMANS, and 50 Cent, racking up hits both in the UK and internationally. 

UK chart successes include recording and mixing No.2 album ‘Half Way There’, for English pop-punk band Busted, mixing No.3 album ‘Rip It Up’ for hard rock legends Thunder and producing, mixing and writing for upcoming bands such as Keir, Courts, Twin Wild and Youth Club. Most recently, Clint has been working with British rock band Enter Shikari, mixing their critically-acclaimed, UK No.2 album ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’.

Back in his native New Zealand, Clint’s work continually tops the charts through artists such as Devilskin, Opshop, Annabel Fay, The Feelers, Kimbra, Junica (Ladyhawke), 8 Foot Sativa and Bic Runga. This has resulted in Clint being recognized as ‘Engineer Of The Year’ multiple times at the New Zealand Music Awards.

Other international successes include Chinaski’s no.1 album ‘Rockfield’, covering three no.1 singles notching up over 60 million YouTube streams, Codes’ multi-award-winning album ‘Trees Dream In Algebra’ and Melanie C’s multi-platinum album, “Beautiful Intentions”, which spent nine weeks topping the charts in Europe.

Thanks so much to Ryan Smith at (Sterling Sound) for making our introduction.

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