RSR392 – Wessel Oltheten – Understanding Sound and Emotion in Mixing and Mastering - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR392 – Wessel Oltheten – Understanding Sound and Emotion in Mixing and Mastering

There's beauty in Blumlein! Wessel talked about the power of mixing quickly, trusting your gut before your ears, why you need great low end in monitoring, how to record double bass, the future of immersive sound and mixing to multiple busses.

My guest today is Wessel Oltheten a mixing and mastering engineer in the Netherlands, who has been on the podcast on episode RSR152 to talk about his mixing studio and philosophies. He is also a published author of the book Mixing With Impact on Focal press and teaches at  Utrecht University of the Arts. 

Wessel is very prolific and in 2021 was able to work on no less than 862 tracks. His discography sounds really great working with very cool bands like Dewolff, Pocket Knife Army, Black Oak, and many others. Whether it's art rock, electronic music, or singers up close and personal Wessel has the ability to make it sound great with his thoughtful mixing and mastering.

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