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RSR405 – Larry Crane – Audio Restoration & Mixing Advice for the Home Studio

I love the smell of analog tape in the morning! Larry shared tips for mid-side two-track remixing, improving your recording craft, four-track cassettes, mixing She & Him, Pavement, mixing in Pro Tools, and referencing with multiple speakers.

My guest today is Larry Crane the founder of Tape Op Magazine, owner of Jackpot! Recording Studio, a producer/engineer/mixer, and recording arts educator. He has been on the podcast previously to talk about starting out in a band, launching the magazine TapeOp, producing records and mixing at Jackpot! He also talked about recording and curating the musical archives of Elliott Smith, and lots of other fun stuff.

Today we will talk about what's new in the studio, various archival/restoration jobs, and more recording and mixing insights.

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