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RSR432 – Orlando Torres – Illegal Mixing Tips for Home Studio Pros

How not to be invisible... Orlando talked about his successful mixing career despite growing up illegally in the US, calculating your flat mix rate, getting the best mix notes from an artist, networking tips, and how to mic timbales, congas, & bongos!

My guest today is Orlando Torres a mixer/engineer based in the Los Angeles area who has worked with legendary musicians, including Abraham Laboriel, Joey DeFrancesco, Alex Acuña, Justo Almario, percussionist Ron Powell, Lee Rocker (Stray Cats) and Little Willie G. But he is equally proud of his work with up-and-coming local bands and artists.

Orlando has worked on television productions that include an Emmy nominated song for The Young And The Restless and ADR cutting for Law & Order. In 2019 he worked with Kobe Bryant at his Granity Studios as a recording engineer for Kobe’s ESPN Detail and as an audio editor for The Punies podcast. 

He is also an active live sound engineer with experience in all genres including orchestral classical music and house of worship and works as a “Playback” engineer running backing tracks for Trace Adkins, Sheila E, Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), Mary Mary, Alex Fernandez, The President’s Own Marine Chamber Orchestra and the Fox Network to name a few.

I met Orlando at our NAMM 2023 meetup and learned that he has a unique story which includes immigrating from Mexico with his family and becoming a naturalized citizen as part of his life and career journey. Today we will talk about the importance of networking and the challenges we all face in connecting with artists and musicians and how to overcome them even when faced with overwhelming obstacles.

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