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Stereo Master Bus Processing in Protools

by Lij Shaw -​

Are you looking for an easy way to make your mixes sound louder and more exciting?

Putting a lot of energy into carefully building a mix, with attention to getting all the instrument and track balances just right, is always going to be the best and longest path to a great mix. And having a killer song arrangement and performance will always be the first step.

However sometimes you need to get something to sound better in a hurry. Or maybe you have already worked hard on getting your mix to sounds good but it still not great yet or where you want it to be.

Fortunately there is a faster way to get your mixes to pop!

Using EQ, saturation, and dynamics processing on the master stereo bus is the secret sauce to getting an exciting mix with only a few plugins. It’s the quickest way to make your mixes sound “like a finished record” or “like they are on the radio”.

By using a series of master bus plugins and making small adjustments to each one you can make your mix go a long way.

In this video I show you how to quickly make a mix punchier and more exciting (and wider) with only four plugins. I use some of my favorite third party plugins, but you could also use stock plugins to get most of these same benefits.

​Ill follow this with another video using only stock Pro Tools plugins next time, and show you how to take your mix to the next level. So you can be a rockstar of the recording studio even with what you've already got in your DAW.

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Cheers! Lij

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