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RSR024 – Jonathan Roye – Woodshed Audio

RSR007 - David Glenn - The Mix Academy

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RSR023 - Jonathan Roye - Woodshed Audio

My guest today is Jonathan Roye. He is a producer, mixer, musician, and audio blogger from Nashville TN. In his own words he has grown up obsessed with music, playing drums in garage bands, trombone in jazz bands, and guitar in country bands.

He has produced and mixed indie bands that you’ve never heard of as well as working on number one songs that you definitely have heard of. He has a drive to learn more and more every day to fuel his passion for learning music and recording. And he shares that knowledge with you through his audio blog at JonathanRoye.com and Youtube channel called Mix Notes.

Jonathan’s credits include: Kelsea Ballerini, Owl City, Ester Dean, Fearless Records, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Rocket Summer, Sarah Ross, Caroline Kole, Universal Music Grp, Black River Entertainment, Warner Music, Sony Music Grp, BMG Chrysalis, MTV, Fox Music Supervision.

He is also the creator of Woodshedaudio.com a boutique sample and loop library in Nashville TN. If you are producing music using drums samples you can find a growing library of cool sounds to fill in the sweet spots of your production. With sample packs like Shaker & Tambourine they keep it focused and easy to use. 

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Come check out Jonathan's awesome sample and loop library!! 

“Putting out music consistently is important” 

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Jam Session 

Q - What was holding you back at the start?
A - Easily just not meeting people. Especially back then because the internet wasn’t what it was, Youtube was just a baby. It wasn’t quite as powerful as it is now. I wasn’t going out to clubs enough, I would just sit at home and tinker in Pro Tools/do my own productions. I should have been going to a show every night.

Q- What was some of the best advice you got early on?

A - I remember in high school one of my of my lesson teachers told me, “the sooner you stop approaching music like a student and giving myself a handicap, and the sooner I started living and prioritizing like a professional, the sooner it will happen." I remember he said that and five switches went off in my head, and everything changed

Q- Share with us a recording tip, hack, or secret sauce.
A - Find a mentor. That’s the biggest game changer. It’s so easy now, there's so many podcasts, blogs, youtube videos, pensado’s places, AES conventions. The key is getting the right advice from the right people.

“You don’t need a $10,000 dollar set of speakers. You just need to know one set extremely well” 

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Q - Share a favorite hardware tool for the studio
A- Speakers. Those are the best investment. Its boring, but true. I dont think people put enough value or focus into speakers and placement of speakers. Especially room treatment. You can do so much with room treatment that will cost you no money.

Q - Share a favorite software tool for the studio

A - I’m a big fan of the Universal Audio stuff. Plug-ins sound so good these days. The Slate stuff is great, Fab Filter, Greg over and Kush Audio makes a lot of great stuff.

Q - Share with us a tip for the business side of the recording studio

A - I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. He has a book called The Dip. Its an easy read, it’s a small book. There's a whole saying “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” The book explains how that’s kind of bullshit, because winners quit all the time. They’re just quitting the right things at the right time strategically.

“When Mixing, I’m always thinking, how is what we’re going to add here going to affect the mix in 15 seconds”

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Q - If you had to start over what gear would you need? How would you find people to record? And how would you make ends meet while you got started?
A - You know you have to have a rig, you have to have a way to record people. I’d probably save up and get a laptop. I’d get an apollo because you can pretty much build an empire with one of those things. I’d get an SM7, and your pick of a 300-500 dollar condenser mic. Then you have to start meeting people and play all the cards you have up your sleeve. Whether that be online stuff or in person stuff.

Q - What is the single most important thing a listener can do to become a rockstar of the recording studio?

 A - Just work. I always tell kids to go home and put a LLC or a .Inc behind their name, then just learn from everyone, everywhere, and don’t show your cards to anyone. Maybe someone comes along and they’re better than you. It doesn’t really matter. Then you just work. Worry about your thing. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Every now and then, stop and see how far you’ve come. You’d be surprised how much you can make happen.