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Chris James

RSR075 – Chris James – Grammy Nominee – Best Engineered Album for Prince


Chris James is a Los Angeles based musician, songwriter, producer and first time Grammy Nominee in the 2017 Best Engineered Album - Non-Classical category for his work on what would become the last album from innovative icon Prince, HITNRUN:Phase 2. The Memphis-born musician moved to Maryville in East Tennessee at age ten where he honed his chops before going to college in Murfreesboro (near Nashville) to attend Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for both music and recording.

As a founding member and keyboardist for the alternative-rock band, sElf, Chris James recorded and toured for several albums before the Dreamworks act moved to the Los Angeles area, where he opened The Archive Studio. Apart from his work as a multi-instrumentalist, Chris James has also produced, recorded and/or mixed material for many artists including Luther Vandross, Van Hunt, Ne-yo, Paramore, Miguel, Frank Ocean and Janelle Monáe.

In 2012, Chris James began a working relationship with Prince at Paisley Park Studios near Minneapolis, Minnesota. While in Chanhassen, Chris James recorded and mixed countless Prince productions including the Warner Bros. released albums, ART OFFICIAL AGE and PLECTRUMELECTRUM -- along with many unreleased songs for the legendary Prince Vault. A personal career highlight was when Prince invited Chris James to play guitar on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Later that same year, Prince insisted he tour as live sound engineer where one notable gig included the critically praised set during SXSW (Prince’s first and only).

Chris James talks about his beginnings in music, his rad roommates in college, and his amazing journey leading to the Grammys (Sunday February 12th, 2017 8PM ET / 7PM CT on CBS - check local television listings in your area). February 17th hear a Kings of Leon concert mixed by Chris James of an AT&T/iHeart Radio performance airing on DirecTV Audience Network.

I think to me it’s the weirdest yet ultimate gig because there will never be another (one) like it in the world. @ChrisJamesPro

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Ooh! And I did a little research as promised, and found Tommy Ogle who played sax in our band Stinky MIfflin. He remembered all our names!

  • Stinky Mifflin on drums - Sam Gray
  • Gurtch Bazmati on bass - Ben Morton
  • Ligget Igloo Hall Jr. on guitar - Lij Shaw
  • Jerome Bandwagon Peabody on sax - Tommy Ogle

     and the one you've been waiting for!

  • Lil LaRon Plemstone on keys - CHRIS JAMES!

From childhood my compasses musically were Prince and Michael Jackson @ChrisJamesPro

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Some stuff we mentioned on the show:
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Avid Lo Fi

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