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Listen to Recording Studio Rockstars, the podcast from inside the studio. I created this show so we can learn from the pros and share their tips and tricks. So that you can be a Rockstar of the studio yourself!

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A huge shout-out to Lij Shaw and his podcast Recording Studio Rockstars. I put the podcast on every morning driving into the office, and it fills me with hope an inspiration hearing the successes and struggles of some of the big name producers and engineers in the industry. In a weird way, it gives you permission to stick your foot in the waters of the giants around you, because you get to hear that they were there once too. Constantly filled with great recording tips, and inspirational stories that keep me going. If you’re a musician, you need to check this podcast out. If you’re an engineer, you need to put it in your favorites, and start binge listening to catch up…you’ll be glad you did. Thanks Lij, for this podcast, and for helping us little guys get tips, tools, tricks, and confidence to set out on this crazy adventure of sharing music with the world!

Jones Nelson

What I love about your videos vs other instructional videos….you don’t just assume the person lives in your head and knows what you are talking about…

Michael McDermott