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RSR293 – Vance Powell – Answers All Your Home Studio Recording And Mixing Questions

What do you want to know about recording and mixing? Vance Powell joined us again on the podcast to answer all your questions like how to get amazing guitar sounds with Jack White or how to record drums like Jason Bonham in your home studio.

I am totally psyched to welcome today’s guest.

He is a Grammy award-winning mixer, and owner of the beautiful (and newly relocated) Sputnik Sound. 

He has a long discography of accomplished records including artists like Keb Mo, Jars Of Clay, Jack White and 3rd Man Records, Buddy Guy, Kings Of Leon, Danger Mouse, Sturgill Simpson and some well known local artists: Moon Taxi, Bobby Bare Jr, and Jeff The Brotherhood (who lives right down the street from me in fact). Our guest originally hails from the town of Joplin MO which most people mistake as being named after the Ragtime Pianist Scott Joplin, but was in fact named after its founder the Reverend Joplin.
And other than being mentioned in Bobby Troup’s legendary song “Route 66”, the town of Joplin MO, which gained notoriety for mining Zinc, may owe its biggest musical credit to our guest on today’s show. 

I met him back in 2002 when he became the head engineer for the incredible Blackbird Studios, right here in the city of Berry Hill a part of Nashville often referred to as the new music row with over 20 recording studios in a 3 mile radius. 

I am honoured to be here at Sputnik Sound for this episode of Recording Studio Rockstars.

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