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Stereo Master Bus Proccessing using Stock and FREE plugins in Pro Tools

by Lij Shaw -​

How would you like to make your mixes sound louder and more exciting?

Using only FREE plugins!!!

In a previous video I showed you how to make your mix sound waaayy better using only a handful of awesome plugins on the master mix bus. And this is a super simple way to make your mix sound punchier, louder, and just plain more exciting.


The plugins I showed you don’t come with your Pro Tools and cost you hard earned money to buy them. They might not be in your budget yet.

What if you could make your mixes sound waaayy better using only free and stock plugins that already come with your Pro Tools? Wouldn’t that be cool?

No need to get your wallet out or fret over which new plugin is going to give you that “finished record professional sound.”

In this video I show you how to use some of the stock plugins that come with your Pro Tools, and a couple of FREE plugins that you can go download right now at no charge (and no gimmicks to buy later. these are NOT demos).

If you have Pro Tools installed then you have most of the plugins you need for this great mixing trick.​ And the others you can get free at these links...

I hope you Rockstars enjoy this. It will help your mixes sound killer!

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It will include:

  • Video walkthrough for mixing American Winter (instrumental track)
  • Pro Tools template for stock plugins
  • All the multitrack files for you to mix on your own!
  • You can you use it as your own mix example! (You just cant sell it please)

Cheers! Lij

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